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The town of Vis and Kut are located around the shores of the Viska Luka bay, a large inlet on the north shore of the Island of Vis at its eastern end. Though the site of human activities for over 5000 years the shores of the bay were first concertedly settled by the Greeks in 400BC, who established the settlement of Issa. Since that time the bay has been constantly settled and used as a safe anchorage.

From the 16th Century until 1796 the town was ruled by the Venetians who left behind many architectural pointers to their presence. For a short period after this Vis came under the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, before the island became pivotal in the Napoleonic War. During the early years of the 19th Century Viska Luka was used by the British Navy as one of its bases in the Adriatic, and on 13 March 1811 a naval battle was fought between British and Franco-Venetian ships, resulting in a victory for the British force, the dead of the Royal Navy are buried in a small military cemetery in the town.

Vis Town, and its quiet 16th century suburb of Kut, today are one of the Island of Vis’s two largest settlements, along with Komiza. Most services can be found in the town and several ferries land and depart daily from its ferry pier. During the summer months it has a vibrant tourist culture and is a favorite stop over both for travelers and yachts with several good hotels and numerous apartments and rooms to rent.

Yachts moored in Kut Harbour, Vis

Sailers have three options when arriving in the Viska Luka bay. To the east is the Kut Harbour Wall, the quieter of the two quays but a longer walk from the centre of the town. To the west is the Vis Harbour Wall. This has more space but is generally more busy and noisy. The choice between these two quays generally depends on what you are looking for as there is usually space available at both at least until the early evening. The third option is to anchor in the bay, there are several options here, though in recent years many of the areas closer to the centre of the town (in the west side of the bay) have had restrictions placed upon them.


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