Lying between Otok Ciovo and the mainland shore around 30 km to the west of Split the vast majority of boats will approach Trogir from the west around the western end of Ciovo  through the Torgirski Zaliv before heading either to ACI Trogir Marina or Trogir town harbour. The approach from this direction is relatively straight forward though there are a number or rocks and skerries you will pass on the way around the south-western end of Ciovo, both lit and unlit. A certain knowledge of the location of these is essential as you approach.

It is possible to approach Trogir from the east, though the Trogir Channel (between the town and Otok Ciovo) on which both the town harbour and the ACI marina lie is now permanently shut to traffic from this direction as the lifting road bridge between the town and Ciovo no longer lifts. If coming to the eastern approach you only option for mooring is the town’s eastern anchorage.

It is worth remembering when planing your mooring that a current of 3+ kts can flow through the Torgir Channel too.

Torgir is not really on the road to anywhere, you might be making a slow tour of the wider Splitski Kanal or using the town as a base to reach the airport, or it may simply be your charter base. Regardless of all of this it is well worth the stop. If you have only one night to spare and a choice to make between Trogir and Split make Trogir your destination - you can always take the bus into Split.


  1. 1.Trogir Town - be the first to review  Trogir Town Harbour. (Photos)   


2. ACI Trogir - reviews are on the ACI Trogir page (Photos)                           



  1. 3.Trogir Channel West - be the first to review this anchorage. (Photos)

  2. 4.Trogir Channel East - be the first to review this anchorage. (Photos)


2. Fuel Berth - immediately west of ACI Trogir

  1. a.Buses to Split

Major Navigational Hazards

5. Trogirski Zaliv (Photos)

Major Navigational Aids

  1. b.Rt Cubrijan (Ciovo) - Fl. G. 2s. 8m. 4M.

c. Rt Okruk (Ciovo) - Fl. G. 3s. 6m. 5M.

  1. d.Hr Celice - Fl.(3). 10s. 15m. 6M.

e. O Zaporinovac - Fl. G. 3s. 7m. 3M.

f. Hr Bulkun - Fl. R. 3s. 8m. 3M.

g. O Galera - Fl. 5s. 11m. 10M.

h. Pilicina Mlin- Fl.(2). 10s. 7m. 8M. (Not shown view larger map)

Way Point (check before use)

Entrance to Trogirski Zaliv - 43.29’ 00”N 16.11’ 30”E

East Entrance to Trogir Channel (east end) - 43. 31’ 30”N 16.19’ 00” E

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