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This busy little harbour is located just 8 miles south of Split, visible across the Splitska Kanal on the northern shore of Solta on the western side of the Splitska Vrata. Not surprisingly it is popular on Thursdays with boats returning to charter bases around Split and Trogir and further afield in Kremik and Sibenik, but it also has a more than healthy attraction of live-aboards and private craft too.

Though the village is small (several hundred souls) it is a busy little place with at least 4 active konoba/restaurants competing for tourist and yachty business. The harbour wall has space for at least 25 vessels on laid moorings with power and water in depths of 2.5-3.5 metres and can take boats into the 50ft range. Further space is available at the northern end of the quay if not occupied by Gullet cruise boats, though it was not clear how often these craft visit the harbour.

The main harbour wall

Though a relatively small village there are several small supermarkets/stores, a cash machine (at the tourist information office) and a post office. While there is not much to see or do the location is not only handy but beautiful, there options for short or longer walks and swimming is a must here. The water is some of the clearest seen in the Dalmatian islands (and so close to Split) both in the harbour and on the new beach (see below) and for those who snorkel the fish are plentiful.

The main-made beach on the east side of the harbour entrance


Stromoska offers good all round shelter, though may suffer from a swell or be exposed to winds coming from the due north. A recent addition at the harbour entrance of a short rocky breakwater (which also creates a sheltered swimming beach) may have reduced the implications of such a wind however.

As harbour walls go it is averagely priced, with water and electricity included as standard within the price. There are recycling and rubbish bins located towards the mouth of the inlet just behind the swimming beach and plastic and paper can be sorted and deposited separately (as of 2012).

A second smaller harbour wall provides 4 laid moorings specifically for patrons of the Triajn fish restaurant on the west side of the bay, and anchoring is possible within the harbour for 2 or 3 boats in between 7-12m of water.

Moor up, relax, swim and eat, all the time soaking up the atmosphere.



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Fuel Berth (Nearest fuel is at Rogac Harbour, Split and Milna)

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