1. 1.Gradski Luka (Split) - be first to review Split Harbour - photos   


  1. 2.ACI Split - reviews are on the ACI Split page - photos                                           

  2. 3.Marina Zenta - some visitor berths - be first to review  Marina Zenta - photos

  3. 4.Marina Spinut - limited visitor berths - be first to review Marina Spinut - photos

  4. 5.Marina Kastela - extensive visitor berths - be first to review Marina Kastela - photos


  1. 1.Gradski Luka (Split) - be first to review  Split Harbour Anchorage - photos  


  1. 1.Fuel Berth (Near Entrance to ACI Split)

1. Ferries (International and Internal)

Major Navigational Hazards

  1. 1.Gradski Luka - photos

  2. d.Shoals, rocks and islets north of Split Naval Base (Luka Lora) around Hrid Galija

Major Navigational Aids

a. Rt. Marijan  - Fl. G. 3s. 8m. 5M.

  1. b.Split Harbour (entrance - port side) - Fl. R. 6s. 9m. 5M.

c. Split Harbour (entrance - starbord side) - Fl. G. 6s. 11m. 10M.

  1. d.Hrid Galija  - Fl. RG. 3s. 8m. 4&3M.

e. Hrid Skoljic - Fl. (2) G. 5s. 7m. 4M.

f. Luka Lora (north pier) - Fl. R. 2s. 7m. 3M.

   Luka Lora (south pier) - Fl. G. 2s. 7m. 3M.

   (Note entrance to Luka Lora is restricted)

Way Point (check before use)

Entrance to Splitska Vrata (north side) - 43.24’ 00”N 16.24’ 00”E

Entrance to Gradski Luka (Split Harbour) - 43.30’ 00”N 16.26’ 00” E

Off  Rt. Marijan- 43.30’ 30” N 16.23’ 00” E

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