Brac is in the first line of islands off the shore of the central Dalmatian coast. Along with Solta to the north it creates the outer edge of the Splitski Kanal and the Bracski Kanal, with the main land forming the inner edge in each case.

The passage between Brac and Solta forms the Splitska Vrata, one of the busiest waterways in Croatia, where most ferries heading to the outer islands such as Vis, Hvar and Korcula pass through along with yachts and other craft.

Yachts approaching Brac come from four main directions. From Split and Trogir in the north west, it is a short hop and good place to make a first stop. From Primosten (Kremik) and  Zadar you will probably approach along the southern (outer) shore of Solta and then either have to pass through the Splitska Vrata or pick up an anchorage on the southern shore of Brac.

For those approaching from the south (Vis and Hvar) again you will need to traverse the Splitska Vrata to reach Milna or pick up an anchorage such as Uvala Lucice on the south shore. Again Brac makes a good last night stop for those heading back to a  Split marina, as the morning journey to Split is only a couple of hours.

Finally those coming from the south-east, from Korcula or the eastern end of Hvar (Sucuraj) you have two options, either to go to the north of Brac through the Bracski Kanal and pick up an anchorage on the north shore, or to head along the Hvarski Kanal on the souther side of Brac and pass through the Splitska Vraska


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  1. 1.Fuel Berth (Next to the fish canning factory, Milna)

b. Ferries to Split (Supetar)

Major Navigational Hazards

5. Splitska Vrata (Photos)

Major Navigational Aids

a. Sutivan (entrance) - Fl. R. 3s. 6m. 2M.

  1. b.Supetar (entrance) - Fl. R. 3s. 7m. 5M.

c. Spliska (entrance) - Fl. R. 2s. 6m. 2M.

  1. d.Rt Sv. Nikola (entrance to Pucisca) - Fl. W. 5s. 20m. 8M.

e. Povlja (entrance) - Fl. W. 3s. 7m. 7M.

f. Rt. Lascatna - Fl. (4) W. 15s. 12m. 8M.

g. Rt Sumartin (entrance to Sumartin) - Fl. W. 3s. 8m. 7M.

h. Bol (east side) - Fl. G. 3s. 7m. 3M.

    Bol (west side) - Fl. (2) R. 5s 6m. 3M.

i. Rt. Razanj (Southern entrance to Splitska Vrata) - Fl. W. 5s. 17m. 13M.

j. O. Mrduja (Northern entrance to Splitska Vrata) - Fl. G. 3s. 14m. 4M.

k. Rt. Bajaka (entrance to Milna) - Fl. R. 3s. 8m. 3M.

Way Point (check before use)

Entrance to Splitska Vrata (south side) - 43.19’ 00”N 15.24’ 00”E

Entrance to Bracski Kanal (east end) - 43.19’ 00”N 16.56’ 00” E

Dugi Rat (Bol) - 43.15’ 00” N 16.38’ 00” E

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