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Pakleni Otoci

Most yachts approach the Pakleni from one of four directions directions. From the north and northwest you will be coming from Brac/Solta, the Splitska Vrata or from the direction of Sibenik and Kremik and will make landfall around the western point of Hvar and Rt Pelegrin at the western entrance to the Pakleni Kanal. From the south you will likely be heading from the Island of Vis and will either head for the eastern end of the Pakleni (O. Jerolim) or the passage at the western end of the archipelago between O. Vodnajak Veli and O. Sv. Klement (with Otoicic Parzanj between. Finally you might approach from the east and southeast, either from Sucuraj at the eastern end of Hvar and Scredo, or from the area of Otok Korcula.

Once in the area of the archipelago the main moorings are in the ACI Marina at Palmizana on the northern shore of O.Sv. Klement, in the various long bay’s on the southern shore of O.Sv. Klement including Uvala Vindogradisce, or between O. Marinkovac and O. Borovak where the shallow sheltered passage offers various opportunities either for taking a buoy or dropping anchor. Other anchorages on Jerolim at Uvala Stipanska and in Uvala Vlaka may well offer the possibilities of an overnight stop but are less popular and more weather dependant.

Particular care should be taken when approaching ACI Palmizana at night from the west as the green beacon at its entrance includes an area of shaols in its lit sector. At the west end of the archipelago avoid the passage to the west of Otocic Parzanj as there are various submerged rocks there, aiming instead to head around the western shore of O. Vodnjak Veli or between O. Parzanj and O.Sv. Klement. The eastern end of the archipelago is marked by a red light on the eastern shore of O. Jerolim and a white light on the islet O. Pokonji Dol which mark between them the eastern entrance to the Pakleni Kanal .


Hvar Town - reviews are on the Hvar Town Harbour page. (Photos)               

(Fuel and local and regional ferries as well as shopping and services)


6. ACI Palmizana - reviews are on the ACI Palmizana page (Photos)             


Hvar Town - be the first to review this anchorage. (Photos)

  1. 1.U. Kardovan (O. Jerolim) be the first to review this anchorage.

  2. 2.U. Stipanska (O. Marinkovac) (Photos)                                                

  3. 3.U. Zadrilica (North) be the first to review this anchorage.

  4. 4.U. Zadrilica (South) be the first to review this anchorage.

  5. 5.U.  Perna (O.Sv. Klement) be the first to review this anchorage.

  6. 7.U. Vindogradisce (O.Sv. Klement) (Photos)                                        

  7. 8.U. Tarsce (O.Sv. Klement) be the first to review this anchorage.

  8. 9.L. Soline East (O.Sv. Klement) be the first to review this anchorage.

  9. 10. U. Vlaka (O.Sv. Klement)                                                                

  10. 11. L. Soline West (O.Sv. Klement) be the first to review this anchorage.

  11. 12. U. Studeni bok (O.Sv. Klement) be the first to review this anchorage.

f. U. Star Stani - East (O.Sv. Klement) (Photos)

(Note Uvala Okorija between 11 and 12 is a NO ANCHORING area due to the presence of a submerged cable)


Fuel Berth (Hvar Town)

Ferries to Split, Vis and Korcula (Foot passengers) - Hvar Town

Ferries to Split, Vis and Korcula (Cars) - Stari Grad

Major Navigational Aids

  1. a.Otok Vodnjak Veli - Fl. W. 6s. 31m. 9M

  2. b.Hr. Baba (entrance to ACI Palmizana) - Fl. (2) W. 10s. 7m. 4M

  3. c.Otok Galisnick (entrance to Hvar Harbour) - Fl.G. 3s. 11m 5M

  4. d.Otok Jerolim - Fl. R. 3s. 12m. 4M

  5. e.Otok Pokonji Dol - Fl. W. 4s. 20m. 10M (Photos)

Way Point (check before use)

Entrance to Hvar Harbour - 43.10’ 00”N 16.26’ 00”E

Entrance to Pakleni Kanal (West) - 43.11’ 00”N 16.20’ 00” E

Entrance to Pakleni Kanal (East) - 43.09’ 00”N 16.27’ 00” E

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