Pakleni from Hvar Town


The Pakleni Otoci (Islands) or, the Devil’s Islands, are an archipelago located off the south-western shore of Otok Hvar, close to Hvar Town. They are often seen as an extension of the attractions and facilities of Hvar Town, particularly as the marina of ACI Palmizana is located on their north shore less than 3nm from the town harbour and only 10 minutes from the town in one of the fast taxi’s that plies backwards and forwards across the Pakleni Kanal.

The Pakleni consists of 7 larger islands (Otocic Vodnjak Veli, Otok Sv. Klement, Otocic Dobri, Otok Borovac, Otocic Planikovac, Otocic Marinkovac and Otok Jerolim - from west to east) and numerous smaller islands and rocks. Of these Three - Sv. Klement, Marinkovac and Jerolim, have any sort of settlement and Otok Sv Klement is by far the largest of the islands occupying the centre of the archipelago and measuring 5nm from west to east and up to 1nm from north to south.

The Pakleni offer one of the greatest concentrations of anchorages of any of Croatia’s islands with 12 listed here, and others currently unlisted. As a rule these low islands offer shelter from one direction or the other in long, narrow bays with warm and generally shallow water. In addition to this Sv Klement is also home to the only marina, ACI Palmizana, on the southern side of Otok Hvar.

ACI Palmizana

ACI Palmizana

The islands are certainly popular because of their proximity to Hvar Town, and the relative ease with which safe berth or anchorage can be found from which the town can be reached. But in addition to this the beaches surrounding many of these bays are favourites both for visiting yachtsmen and also tourists coming on day visits from Hvar. Regular water busses run sun worshipers from the Harbour in Hvar Town to Jerolim, Stipanska (on O. Marinkovac) Uvala Vindogradisce (on O. Sv Klement) and others.

Pakleni, Marinkovacs, Stipanska

At anchor off the Beach club at Uvala Stipanska, Otok Marinkovac

These beaches are generally quiet with some pebble shore areas but primarily rock platforms backed by fir woodland and cater to varying tastes from the family atmosphere at Uvala Vindogradisce e through the popular and chic beach clubs such as that run by Carpe Diem on Marinkovac to the nudists beaches of Stipanska and Jerolim.

The ACI marina along with the anchorages at Uvala Vindogradisce and Uvala Zdrilca are particularly popular and during high season it is not unknown for spaces in the marina in particular to be full and for the aforementioned anchorages to be the temporary home to 20-40 boats each.

Pakleni, St Klement, Vinogradisce

The anchorage in Uvala Vinogradisce, Otok Sv. Klement

Regardless of this it is worth making the stop in these perpetually quiet (if busy) and stunningly beautiful islands. Walk the shores (ie from Palmizana to Vlaka and back on O. Sv. Klement), frequent the restaurants, swim in the warm waters, lie on the quiet beaches or visit the trendy beach clubs... and if all of that fails to float your boat you could always visit Hvar Town.


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