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The Croatian Adriatic archipelago  consists of over 1000 islands of all sizes ranging from mere rock specks, not even occupied by a navigation beacon or light house through small seasonally inhabited islands that may be the home to resorts and small farms, holiday homes and restaurants specifically established to serve the thousands of yachts that tour the Croatian Coast yearly seeking new and exclusive locations.

At the other extreme are the major land falls such as Hvar, Brac and Korcula (to name but a few) which may have populations of thousands or tens of thousands and be the sites not only of quiet anchorages but also (by Croatian standards at least) large towns and even small cities.

Almost all of Croatia’s coastal islands have something to offer the visiting yachtsman, even if it is just an interesting lunch stop and temporary anchorage, but more often than not you will find a good, safe anchorage or a small harbour, a restaurant at least if not a small village with some services, and even potentially local or regional travel links.

These multitude of land falls are too numerous for us to provide a sub-site for each but are frequently well worth your attention for one reason or another so as we visit these locations (or are sent information from members about them) we will add them here. Some of course are popular and regular stops (such as the Pakleni Otocii) others may never occur to you as a place to visit. Here we divide Croatia’s islands into three groups not by size, but on the basis of the services you will find in each location.

Here are just  a few examples...

Major Islands - will have one or more major town or small city as well as numerous smaller settlements. There may be industry and will definitely be  all the services you would associate with larger Croatian settlements including customs banks, post offices, shops and fuel. There may specialised repair services. There may be marinas but regardless of this there should be harbours. In addition there will also be a number of other anchorages which may also have settlements and associated services. Settlements on these islands will be occupied year around and some (if not all) services will also be available in all 12 months. There should be regional or international transport links (ferries and on occasion flights).


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Medium Islands– will have one or more smaller towns and may also have a number of smaller settlements. There could be either a harbour or a marina. Specialist services will be limited, or none existent, though where their is a marina there may be basic repair services, slipways and a crane. There may be police and Kapitanja but customs services, where the town is a port of entry, but these are likely to be seasonal (eg Hvar Town). There are likely to be national and regional travel links but international travel links are not guaranteed. There should be a doctor’s surgery or medical centre but more specialist medical practices (eg. dentists and opticians) may not be available, veterinary services are also not guaranteed. There will be banks, postal services and currency exchanges. You should also find internet cafes, bars cafes and restaurants as well as other tourist services. There will be supermarkets and may well be a fruit and vegetable market and/or a fish market. Shops are likely to be orientated towards the tourist market and may well be seasonal. More typical high street stores are less likely to be found. In some cases there may be fuel though this cannot be relied upon

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Small Islands and archipelagos – may have smaller settlements or simply no settlement at all (though this is very unusual) these may be year round or seasonal, or may simply exist as part of the tourist industry. There may be small harbours or a jetty, though in some cases this will only be capable of handling the smallest, shaol draft craft. It is very unlikely there will be any specialist services, police, Kapitanja or customs. Similarly there is unlikely to be a doctor or medical centre. There may be regional travel services but it is more likely that all links will be local. You cannot rely on there being a bank or post office, though on occasion you may find there is a cash machine. Shops are likely to be restricted to a bakery and supermarket or general store, though even these are not guaranteed, similarly they may be a fruit and vegetable market or a fish market, though these will be on a considerably smaller scale (where they exist) than those seen in the Towns and Cities. There will usually be at least one bar/café and possibly a restaurant. There may be a tourist agency and if so they may provide currency exchange though again this cannot be relied upon. There will be no fuel.

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