National Park


  1. 1.Luka Polace (Various) 

  2. 2.Pomena (Various)                  


  1. 1.Luka Polace

  2. 2.Uvala Lokova (Pomena)

6. Uvala Skolj

National Park

  1. 1.Office (Polace)

  2. 2.Office (Pomena)

  3. 3.Mala Jezero

  4. 4.Velika Jezero

  5. 5.Monastery of Sv. Marija


Fees are charged per individual and tickets can be purchased on arrival at park offices in both Polace and Pomena. Tickets include the cost of a bus from your point of entry to Velika Jezero and on the ferry to Sv Marija as well as entry to the monastery itself. Cost per days is 90Kn for Adults and 30Kn for Children.

Things to see and do

  1. 1.Roman Palace, Polace (Photos)                                                                       

4. Swimming in Mala and Velika Jezero (Photos)                                                 

  1. 5.Monastery of Sv. Marija (Photos)                                                                     

7. Walk from Vela Jezero to Luka Polace (Photos)                                              


Mljet National Park

Pristanište 2



Telephone +385 (0)20 744 041 or +385 (0)20 744 058

Fax +385 (0)20 744 043


Website There is no official website

Park restrictions include:

  1. It is forbidden to set fires.

  2. It is forbidden to smoke.

  3. It is forbidden to camp.

  4. It is not allowed to gather or dig up plants.

  5. It is forbidden to Spear fish.

  6. It is forbidden to scuba dive

  7. It is forbidden to enter at night

  8. Recreational fishing is allowed only with previously acquired permit that is issued by Public institution (Supervisory service).

  9. It is forbidden to hunt, collect and pull out shells and other sea organisms.

  10. It is forbidden to hunt or collect animals.

  11. Waste and garbage must be disposed of in bins provided (and nowhere else)

  12. Pets must be kept on a leash

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