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Post Office

The Vrboska post office (3) is located on the Riva, immediately behind the waterfront  of the town quay and adjacent to the bakers (2) and the bank (4)


There is a bank (4) and cash machine next to the Post Office (3) located on the Riva immediately behind the waterfront of the Town Quay.  Cash machines will accept cards from other European countries.

Vrboska Tourist Office

Open through-out the year (mornings only during the winter and not Sundays) the tourist office (9) is located in the Venetian Arsenal and galley repair workshop on the southern side of the square. + 385 (021) 741 059, and on the web at .


There are two supermarkets in Vrboska (5). These are both located on the southern side of the inlet, one immediately at the south end of the main road bridge that links the new and old town and one slightly to the east.  They have long opening hours from early in the morning to late in the evening. These should cover all of the basics, including local wines and specialities, but if you require something more out of the ordinary don’t expect the product range you might find in a larger northern European supermarket -  for such items you might have to travel to Split or another big city.

There are two is bakers located around the harbour (2). One between the two supermarkets (5) and one to the east of the post office (3)

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Buses leave Vrboska for the other major towns on Hvar (Starigrad, Hvar Town and Jelsa). From Starigrad and from Hvar Town ferries can be caught to other islands and the mainland


There is a hairdresser (6) located on a side street to the south of the main bridge

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If you have had a good or bad experience with another Vrboska shop or service please let us know, write a review and where possible we will post it here.

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Tourist Agencies

There are currently no Tourist Agencies reviewed for Vrboska. As with most Croatian destinations there are many and varied options in the town notably providing both bike and scooter hire. These can be found on Hvar websites (some of which are listed in the links section).

If you have had a good or bad experience with a Vrboska Tourist Agency please let us know, write a review and where possible we will post it here.

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