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Post Office

The HvarTown post office (3) is located on the Riva, immediately behind the waterfront and to the north of the Riva Hotel.


There is a produce market (4) (daily except Sundays?). The produce market is located  on a terrace by the bus station (5) just to the east of the Cathedral at the back of main sqaure.


There are at least four cash machines (two of which are marked - (2)) in Hvar Town and three banks (one by the cash machine in the square).  Cash machines will accept cards from other European countries.

Hvar Town Tourist Office

Open through-out the year (mornings only during the winter and not Sundays) the tourist office (9) is located in the Venetian Arsenal and galley repair workshop on the southern side of the square. + 385 (021) 741 059, and on the web at .


There are two supermarkets in Hvar Town these are located next too each other in the main square (1), one is smaller than the other but both are well stocked. They have long opening hours from early in the morning to late in the evening. These should cover all of the basics, including local wines and specialities, but if you require something more out of the ordinary don’t expect the product range you might find in a larger northern European supermarket -  for such items you might have to travel to Split or another big city. There is bakers located around the harbour to the west (8). There are also a wide range of tourist and Croatian high-street shops around the harbour and in the streets behind the square.

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There are a number of internet ‘cafes’ (not marked) in Hvar Town. These establishments tend to come and go. Experience suggests that their opening hours are not alway regular so if they are not open when you visit it is often worth returning later in the day.

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The Jadrolinja office (6) (from where you can buy Croatian wide tickets for ferry travel is located on the Riva just to the south of the Riva Hotel. The ferry departs from the harbour wall just outside this office, as do many of the excursion boats.

The bus station (from where you can catch buses to the other major towns on the island is located to the east of the main square beyond the cathedral (5).


There is an excellent barber for men (7) on the square immediately to the west of the garden in front of the Palace Hotel - watch for the proprietor’s song bird who likes to sit on your shoulder and nibble your ear while its owner weilds the cut throat. There are also a number of ladies hairdressers (though these tend to come and go so are not listed here.)

Hvar popular destination for Divers. The Viking Dive Centre (not marked) is located to the west of the Amfora Hotel. They  can be contacted on +385 21 742 529 and are on the web at There is a second dive centre, the Dive Centre Hvar also in the town (not marked). They can be contacted on +385 21 741603 and are on the web at Both also offer apartment accommodation.

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If you have had a good or bad experience with another Hvar Town shop or service please let us know, write a review and where possible we will post it here.

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Tourist Agencies

(11) Atlas Agency

Tel: + 385 (0)21 741 911


Located at the north-west corner of the harbour the Atlas agency is a well recognised name in providing tourist services throughout Croatia.

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(12) Navigare Agency

Tel: + 385 (0)21 718 721


Situated at the east end of the main square just beyond the Cathedral and before you reach the bus station (5) Navigare offers all the usual tourist services including car and scooter hire with friendly and efficient service (2006)

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If you have had a good or bad experience with another Hvar Town Tourist Agency please let us know, write a review and where possible we will post it here.

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Hvar Town

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