Club Membership
For the moment you can join CIYC for free - the main advantage of this is that we will send you an email informing you whenever we update the site - so you will be aware of updates as they go live.

Club members reviews will also be distinguishable from those of people who are not members by the (*) after their username on each review. It is early days but in the future their may be other benefits to being a Club Member so sign up now - while its free!

Join The Croatia-International Yacht Club -  send us your email address.

Gold and Platinum Membership
In the future we hope to offer Gold and Platinum Membership - we will charge for these! It is hoped that Gold and Platinum Membership will offer discounts and deals on services you can find on the site... but that is for the future. If and when we start Gold and Platinum Membership existing Club Members will be offered a discount to upgrade!

Sunset over the Kornati 2008

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