Length: 6-7 Days

Starting and Finishing: Kremik Marina

Way Point: 43°34’11”N 15°56’23”E

Overall distance: 150 nm

Leg 1: Kremik to ACI Piskera (Kornati National Park) (red)

Distance: Around 35 nm

Way Point: Entrance to ACI Piskera - 43°45’27”N 15°21’03”E

Recommendations: There is little option here for mooring - aim for the ACI Piskera Marina, a remote and wild, but splendid location. For each night you spend in the Kornati National Park you are supposed to buy a ticket (from the park office or in advance from other suppliers such as the Marina Office at Kremik - where you receive a discount for buying in advance.) There is also a short list of approved anchorages that if you are choosing to avoid the ACI Marinas you should stick too - details and locations of these can be found in the pilots or on our Kornati Page. There is a cafe at Piskera but one of the pleasures has to be cooking on board and at this marina this is helped along nicely by the wild rosemary, sage and curry plant you can collect around the shore. Its also well worth a walk to the top of the hill above the Marina office from where you will get a good view of the surrounding islands.

Kornati National Park Website

Leg 2: ACI Piskera to Uvala Tipuljak (Telascica Nature Park) (orange)

Distance: Around 15 nm

Way Point: Moorings at Uvala Tipuljak - 43°53’30”N 15°09’32”E

Recommendations: While there are options for dropping anchor here it is also as easy to pick up on of the many laid buoys (for which there is a small charge). Taking your tender ashore you will find facilities including toilets and several fairly basic cafes. This is a great location for walking, either around the bay or along the impressive cliffs and also to the salt lake of Mir where swimming is easy in the highly saline water. Beyond the salt lake on its south side there is also a bolder field where people have build a number of cairns.

Telascica Nature Park Website

Leg 3: Uvala Tipuljak to ACI Zut (Kornati National Park) (green)

Distance: Around 10 nm

Way Point: Narrows at Katina (Buoyed) - 43°53’21”N 15°13’01”E

Way Point: Entrance to Luka Zut - 43°53’02”N 15°17’57”E

Recommendations: Three main options here, moor in the ACI Zut marina on the north side of the bay, or on one of the two floating pontoons provided by the two restaurants to the west of the ACI facility. There is a good cafe at the ACI marina but also both of the restaurants offer excellent food. We have tried the further of the two, the Restaurant Festa which we rate 4 Flags. It also styles itself as an Eco-Hotel and has some shore accommodation. None of the facilities in Zut are lit at night so it is essential to time your arrival before dark. Again there are excellent opportunities for walking here.

Leg 4: ACI Zut to Sibenik (turquoise)

Distance: Around 35 nm

Way Point: entrance to Sibenik Kanal  - 43°43’11”N 15°51’02”E

Recommendations: There are two main options for mooring here - against the harbour wall in Sibenik (more basic but with immediate access to the city by foot) or in the Mandelina Marina to the east (around 3nm from the city). Sibenik is more of an industrial town than Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik and as a result not as polished, but there are still reasonable restaurants and some good shopping for those who are so inclined. The Cathedral and the Fort are particularly worth a look as well.

For those who are not of a mind to spend a night ‘On the Town’ you might skip this stop and head straight up river to Skradin and the Krka National Park. It makes for a long (45 nm) day, but is perfectly achievable.

Leg 5 : Sibenik to ACI Skradin (Krka National Park(pink)

Distance: Around 9 nm

Way Point: ACI Skradin - 43°48’54”N 15°55’32”E

Recommendations: As anchoring in the river is forbidden overnight here, head straight for the ACI Skradin Marina. From there you can purchase tickets for the Krka National Park and catch a water bus that will take you the last couple of miles up the river to the water falls. Its worth taking both swimming gear (for swimming in front of the falls) and walking shoes (to take advantage of the excellent paths through the park). There are museums, shops, cafes and restaurants in the park if you wish to make a day of it. Skradin also has many of the typical local services.

Krka National Park Website


Leg 6 : ACI Skradin to Kremik (not shown)

Distance: Around 40 nm

Way Point: Entrance to Kremik - 43°34’11”N 15°56’23”E

Recommendations: If you badly need to be back by the end of the 6th day (possibly to return your charter boat by a deadline) then head straight from Krke back to Kremik. There are several options for stopping on the way back to make a day of it. Fort Sv. Nicolas is definitely worth a look at the entrance to the Sibenik Kanal. Boat is by far the best way to see this. Another good stop is Uvala Stupica Vela on Otok Zirje. This lengthen your day but makes a nice spot for lunch and swimming before you head into Kremik


Leg 6 : ACI Skradin to Uvala Stupica Vela (yellow)

Distance: Around 23 nm

Way Point: Entrance to Uvala Stupica Vela - 43°37’51”N 15°41’27”E

Recommendations: If you have the time then this spot makes a great place for a final night. You still have time to stop on the way at Fort Sv. Nicholas if you are interested, then there is a nice sail west to the bay where there are plenty of mooring buoys. This is is generally a popular bay providing a short skip into Kremik (or on to Split) the next day. The buoys are provided by the small restaurant at the back of the bay (we do not as yet have a review of this facility).

Leg 7 : Uvala Stupica Vela to Kremik (blue)

Distance: Around 15 nm

Way Point: Entrance to Kremik - 43°34’11”N 15°56’23”E

Recommendations: This short hop makes for an easy last day and will get you into Kremik in good time. If you are due first thing in the morning to return your charter boat allow between 2.5 and 3.5 hours to get back to Kremik. If you have the time then stopping in Primosten is worthwhile, either on a mooring buoy or in the harbour. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants as well as some interesting shops.


Leg 6 : ACI Skradin to Primosten (yellow)

Distance: Around 20 nm

Way Point: Entrance to Primosten - 43°35’02”N 15°55’25”E

Recommendations: If you have the time then Primosten offers great opportunities for a final stop. Good food, good shopping and interesting scenery all make picking up one of the municiple buoys or mooring in the harbour worth while. In addition to this if you take a walk up to the church at the top of the town just before sunset you will be treated to the most spectacular view of the Kornati Islands on the horizon to the north-west. From here Kremik is a short 5mn hop if you need to return your charter boat by the following morning.

Leg 7 : Primosten to Kremik (blue)

Distance: Around 5 nm

Way Point: Entrance to Kremik - 43°34’11”N 15°56’23”E

Recommendations: This is perfectly doable in less than 2 hours and frequently the choice of the regular charters from Kremik who no longer feel the need to rush back by the Friday night to return their boat by the 0900 deadline the next morning.

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