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A - Ferry Quay - no mooring here

B - Tour/Excursion boat mooring

C - Visiting Yacht Quay. Follow directions from harbour master

D - Port of Entry Quay

E - Bank

F - Post Office

G - Mooring buoys, some anchoring in outer rode?

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IV (Hvar) - This is how it looked in Hvar harbour after storm from west. Crew was out eating dinner when it hit. I suggest not to anchor there if there is a warning issued for possible sudden storms, its sandy bottom so anchor doesn’t hold. Also, in August is almost impossible to find a place in town harbour, even in ACI marina Palmizana if you come in the late afternoon

CIYC Note - This reflects advice in the pilot guides that Hvar Harbour can be uncomfortable in parts during westerly and south-westerly winds.

It is perhaps worth noting that, though most of these guides list the the holding in Hvar Town Harbour rode as generally ‘good’,  the likelihood is that the bottom gets ‘cut-up’ through the season by such frequent anchoring. Care should be taken when considering anchoring there in some weather conditions, particularly Sirocco storms and stronger winds from the south and south-west.


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